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Chen Shucheng Opening Bubble Tea Shop In Toa Payoh

Chen Shucheng is opening a new F&B business — selling bubble tea. The veteran Mediacorp actor had recently shuttered his popular Chinese restaurant Teochew City in April this year …


本地资深艺人陈澍城再战饮食业,这次他转卖泡泡茶,主攻年轻人市场。陈澍城将马来西亚泡泡茶品牌Meme Xpress引入新加坡 … 

Meme Xpress 泡泡茶本地设店 陈澍城推荐超赞必喝饮品

泡泡茶爱好者看过来!让老板陈澍城亲自介绍你Meme Xpress人气饮品!陈澍城与合作伙伴将马来西亚泡泡茶品牌Meme Xpress引入本地,首家分店开设在大巴窑 …


酸奶水果饮料 不嗜茶者佳选

大巴窑中心的“奶茶一条街”最近有第五个品牌加入战局,最乐的当然是泡泡茶迷 …



大巴窑奶茶一条街有第五家 #泡泡茶 加入战局。#memexpress 由 #陈澍城 从马国引进,主打酸奶水果饮料和水果奶茶,走天然健康路线。有迷你360毫升版,售价$2起 

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Chen Shucheng On Why He’s Opening A Bubble Tea Shop At 70

We catch up with the veteran actor at a preview of his new BBT shop …


Rise & Rice – Good & Affordable Western Food & Donburi at Woodlands Coffee Shop

Opened in July this year, Rise & Rice is a western stall in Woodlands that offers many options, from pasta, baked rice and meats to burgers, sides and Japanese donburi.


Rise & Rice Grill Kitchen Review: Value-For-Money Western Food From $5.50 At Woodlands

From Yes! Nasi Kukus to Yan Ji Seafood Soup, Woodlands is home to some of my favourite food gems.