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A wholly own subsidiary of WU FU GROUP in Singapore, is a supplier of value add ingredients to the food industry. The company has been active as a food ingredients and solutions provider to various coffee shop, food service and food & beverage retailers and manufacturers in Singapore. The company operates trading offices in Singapore. Today, we promotes a range of food ingredients which include flavors, food colour, seasonings, premium fruit fillings, food service ingredients, and a range of fruit purees. As a reputable company in the food industry over the years, our Ingredients continuously strives to be the trusted Food Ingredients & Solutions Provider to all.

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Service Offering

Our retail food product range includes:

Ingredients to the 

Food Stall Vendor / Coffee Shop / Food Service / Retailers

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Target Market

Our target markets :

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Logistics & International Trade

What Does A Small Trading Business Need To Consider ?

You have your business plan in place, which includes the industries you wish to operate in, but how will you put it into action?

The Wufu Management Group guarantees an all-round package within the complete field of trade logistics so that you do not need to worry about anything. We optimize the flows of goods and form the link between suppliers, trading companies and final customers. In addition to providing rapid and reliable transport operations, we offer other value-added services, which can benefit our customers too.

The trading world is fast moving like consumer behaviour. There are rapid changes to incoming goods, the development of product lines and sales strategies. After all, customers’ price consciousness and their demands for quality and sustainability are on the rise. At the same time, manufacturers are tapping into new sales markets and expanding their ranges of products. Tracking batches, hygiene, availability and specific packaging are just some of the challenges in retail logistics.

We optimize your flows of goods and form the link between the supplier, retailer and final customer, which go beyond just storage and transport: constructing displays, forming sets, packing services, kitting/packaging and labeling and even delivering items to customer’s homes, including installation work by specialist personnel – to perfectly match your needs! Whether this involves direct shipments, dispatching packages or transporting supplies to stores – we offer scheduled deliveries for your products and can also transport and manage your returns, if you wish.

The trick to seeing the future is knowing where to look for it. Wufu Trading & Logistic Services future in sight series brings together our insights and perspectives on the disruptive forces we believe will have a trans-formative impact on the future.

Our service offerings are listed below:

Who We Are


Our vision is to become one of the preferred choices of individual and
organization when it comes to the demand for freight packaging and logistics services in the whole of the Asia.


Our mission is to ensure that we build a successful freight packaging and logistics company that will operate in the whole of the Asia.

People We Needed In The Warehouse

The benefits that you will receive as a franchisee, is that you are able to own and run a franchised outlet – using our trade name, trademarks, business methods, training systems and our food preparation procedure. You will receive a manual that will cover:

Sales & Marketing Strategy ?

We want to drive sales via the output of our jobs and via referral from our satisfied customers. We are quite aware of how satisfied customers drive business growth especially businesses like freight packaging and logistics services.

Following by marketing and sales strategies to attract clients:

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